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Answered Prayer:
New Breed of Leaders

              The onset of the year 2008 had sparked a tremendous revitalization of the church, a long-sought renewal and rejuvenation in both ministerial and communal aspects of the ministries. Pastor Bayani Areola, Senior Pastor of the Jesus Christ Is Lord Fellowship, reiterated the need for workers, the need to get involved in what the Christian community documents as the Great Commission. Taking heed of the Great Commission, the Christian Education Ministry was established primarily to train and equip the people for the great harvest.  Headed by Ms. Fay Goyena, the Ministry had already produced __ new leaders in the past 3 months and currently training another set of leaders for the month of June. With this rate, the projected goal on having __ leaders will be answered by before the year ends.

Reasons why we should never give up.

This is how Jesus has commanded to approach life. He said, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." (Luke 11:9)
This verse follows a story Jesus told emphasizing the importance of a "never-give-up" attitude in prayer. Jesus is saying "Ask--not just once, but as many times as is necessary. Keep on knocking till the door is opened."
If you have made half-hearted attempts at doing God's will in your life...if you have given up too easily in the past...remember:  It's never too late to become persistent. It's never too late to decide to never give up. Keep on asking. Keep on seeking. Keep on knocking.

2008 Iligan Day of Prayer

On a gloomy day of June 17 2008, hundreds of people flocked toward the Rizal Park (City Public Plaza), neither to witness election campaign nor to watch visiting celebrities or participate on rallies and protests, but, for the first time in the City’s history and for the rest of the country, celebrated its first Day of Prayer. For the Christians in the City, it was a breakthrough, a factual dream come true.

Spearheaded by the Local Government under the initiative of Councilor Bayani Areola, a 2-parts Day of Prayer was successfully instigated into the City. The celebration was formally inaugurated at the Anahaw Amphitheatre Buhanginan Hills Pala-o early 5 in the morning with different church leaders, including the Catholics and Islam brothers, joins in interceding and meditating for the welfare of the City and its People, offering Iligan City to the Almighty God. Shortly in the morning, the group were later joined by the City Mayor.
Later on in the evening, a Concert of Praise and Prayer were arranged at the Rizal Park, with various participants from the diverse denominations participated the events


  Aimed at fostering camaraderie and solidarity among the members of the Jesus Christ Is Lord Fellowship, the month of May hosted this years Sports Festival. JCIL-Cagayan, JCIL-Kolambugan, JCIL-Linamon, JCIL-Santiago and JCIL-Pagoda graced the event with amity and friendship. Main events include Basketball for Men, Volleyball, Walkaton and Badminton. A one day full of exhilarating and elating experience in the sports arena, packed with muscle twitching, sweat and stamina bursting activities.

Basketball Championship was granted to the JCIL-Pagoda Team