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One year ago (2008), Iligan City Councilor Rev. Bayani Areola, passed a resolution which became an ordinance that a citywide day of prayer should be observed every year. The rationale of this is to have a united prayer to One Almighty God for the betterment of the city and for the entire country. The first Iligan day of prayer was done on June 17, 2008 that was held at Anahaw Ampitheater that was attended by different people of different religious affiliations. It was really a historical event of the city of which people of different beliefs came together and joined their hands to pray for the city. Today, June 17, 2009, once again this movement shall take place. Religious leaders such as pastors, ministers, laymen, priests, tabligs,  imams and church workers will join again their hands in prayer. God bless Iligan!

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Alex Fuentes

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Pastor Alex B. Fuentes
General Secretary, Assemblies of God


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