Jesus Christ Is Lord Fellowship-Philippines

One year ago (2008), Iligan City Councilor Rev. Bayani Areola, passed a resolution which became an ordinance that a citywide day of prayer should be observed every year. The rationale of this is to have a united prayer to One Almighty God for the betterment of the city and for the entire country. The first Iligan day of prayer was done on June 17, 2008 that was held at Anahaw Ampitheater that was attended by different people of different religious affiliations. It was really a historical event of the city of which people of different beliefs came together and joined their hands to pray for the city. Today, June 17, 2009, once again this movement shall take place. Religious leaders such as pastors, ministers, laymen, priests, tabligs,  imams and church workers will join again their hands in prayer. God bless Iligan!


Hello everybody. God is good all the time! I thank the Lord for the success of our 1st Year Anniversary of the Feeding Ministry in Tibanga, Iligan City. The children were really very happy because they are fed and satisfied physically and spiritually. We prepared a special spaghetti , juice and candies for the parlor games. The celebration was attended by more than 40 kids in that community including adults and parents. Indeed they were blessed and thankful for all the supporters of this program. In behalf of them, me and my wife Alma would like express our heartlfelt thanks to evrybody who back us up on this ministry. Thank you and God bless.


Shalom. Brothers and sisters in Christ. The JCIL Feeding Ministry in Tibanga, Iligan City is now 1 year old. We are celebrating our Anniversary this Saturday June 6, 2009, PRAISE GOD!. We thank the Lord that He sustained the ministry through thick and thin, that despite of the trials and problems that we are facing, the work of the Lord for the children still going on. Me and my wife Alma would like to express our gratitude to everybody who are always on our back, supporting us in every ways. Thank you very much and I pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will reward you a hundred fold. God bless.


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. Our church will be celebrating its 18th birthday as a church this coming month of July 2009. Everybody is encourage to join and participate our celebration which is tentatively scheduled on July 26, 2009, to be held at MSU-IIT Gym form 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 in the evening. We are praying that this celebration would a joyous and glorious one because we are celebrating for the glory of God who started and sustained us in this ministry. Be there and be blessed.